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We went back to Japan when Skylar was 8 month so we took pix with my parents!

by thesnyders | 2008-11-27 13:52
So Skylar made clothes,,,Native American like clothes,,,well, skylar painted on the cloths and teachers cut it to be the clothes. Its pretty cute outfit, isnt it?

by thesnyders | 2008-11-21 15:34
So this year thanks giving, we are not going to eat Turkey....Instead we are going to Japan to see granpa from 22nd to 30th. Tomorrow, Skylars school has thanks giving parade. Skylar will get to ride in stroller and parade around school....How exciting! And here is what teacher made for Skylar...

Lately she really really likes to stand up...and tries to walk...and she wants mommy or daddy to be around...she cries when she is left out alone


by thesnyders | 2008-11-20 14:05
So this morning when we left house, Shane was telling me he smelled something burning....When we left Boarders, we saw a ban of news crews for TV and we were wondering what happened. When we came back to our house, we noticed that sky was all black.....and found out that there was wild fire going on again....and this time, really close to our house...

We immidiatel packed our stuffs and put them in my car to prepare for incase fire gets more close to our house...


by thesnyders | 2008-11-16 13:11
So Skylar is almost 8 months. She laughts at everything now.....

by thesnyders | 2008-11-15 13:51
We went to Aquerium today...

by thesnyders | 2008-11-13 13:17
OMG,,,,,,,Tetsuya Komuro was arrested....on suspicion of defrauding on this young bussiness man who owns multi companies out of 500 million yen over the sale of copyrights to songs created by Komuro. I cant believe it.... Komuro is top music producer in Asia and he created so many greatest songs in all time in Japan.....He has been making music with synthesizer since 1969 when he was 11 yrs old.......and he was loved by Ryuichi Sakamoto from YMO...... Everyone whoes from late 20s to 30s grow up with his songs in Japan....Even me who was in the US for most of 1990s.....Its just soo shocking and hope he will come back with great songs again...


My most favorite song is Seven Days War... made in probably late 80s or early 90s....

and My revolution

by thesnyders | 2008-11-11 12:57
今週もいつもの仲良しベイビーちゃんでBBQ PARTYをやりました。この日はとってもいい天気で、うちの近所の人もクルーズに行くといってたくらい、11月とは思えない程の晴天でした。
So this week we went to my friends house for BBQ party. It was beautiful day that was hard to believe was Nov. My neighbor was saying that they were going to cruise at ocean.

Lately my work has been so busy and Ive been really tired. Dalai Lama was saying before that people need to have relaxing time to think about self everyday, but i have no time to think about anything now. I wish i have a day that has no plan at all. But when I do have such a day, I tend to make plans and keep myself busy so I guess Im naturally busy favored person.
でも世界は広くて、色んな人もいろんなイベントもあって、there are so much to offer in lifeだから、すーちゃんにも色んな事をみせてあげたいなと思って、ついついあちこち連れて行っちゃうんだよね。私も色んなもの見るの好きだしさ。
There are so many fun things going on and so many interesting people and so much to offer in life. So, I end up taking Skylar to places because I want her to explor and see as much as she can.
With Hana. Both of them became so big

Hana is really mellow baby. She is calm and playing by herself even when she is left out for a while. Skylar is very opinionated. If she doesnt like something, we immidiately know that there is something wrong going on and if she likes something, she is laughing.

They might be walking in a month
Ken has really cute face. He has very very boy face. Both Hana and Ken are good babies. They were in a stroller for a while.. Skylar wouldnt let me put her in stroller for a long time. She wants to walk, crawl and move around.

美女二人に囲まれるケン君wKen is surrounded by cute girls
Its not too far they chase around each other
so cute
by thesnyders | 2008-11-10 10:06
OMG I cant believe this is happening!!! Obama was just elected as president of the United States!!! Its amazing. I cant believe it. Im so happy that I am witnessing this moment of revolution and for the first time in long time that I am so pround to be in the United States. I hope Obama will do good job...

by thesnyders | 2008-11-05 14:13
ここ2,3週間、家の近所ではYES ON PROP8という旗を一杯見る。現在同性愛者の結婚を許しているカリフォルニアだけれど、その同性愛者の結婚権利を禁止するというのがPROP8。この法律が通ったら、ゲイは法律上結婚出来なくなってしまう。
So past a couple of week, i see a lot of signs saying Yes on Prop 8 which support ban of gay marrige in CA. If this Proposition passes, then gay people have to give up on a right to get marrige.

Legally unable to get marrige means a lot to gay people. Like,,, health insurance, adoption as a couple and so on and on. Their life will be limited in ways if this prop passes.

私の個人的な意見からして、同性愛者の結婚に反対している人は少し古臭いし自分勝手だなと思う。よく、どうどうと道でYES ON PROP8などと書いた看板もってられるなって思っちゃう。ゲイ同士が、結婚したいといっているのだから、させればいいじゃん。
In my opinion, people who are supporting Prop 8 is little selfish and bit too old thinking like when people thought marriage bet black and white was wrong. If gay people wants to get married, its their business, why people intentionally wants to make gay people unhappy? I mean, I understand some people dont like gays. Its personal opinion, so its totally ok, but they have no rights to discreminate gays just because they dont like that group... and its selfish that some people think gay people should not have lisence of happiness while they get to have that. Plus, gay people in california CAN and HAVE rights to get married now...so why bother to take that right away from them now???????

In california, you see gay couples everywhere. They are so open and I even saw some gay couples dropping off baby and kids at Daycare Skylar goes. Im sure Skylar will have gay classmates when she gets older. If kids are brought to believe gays are bad, then dont those kids bull gay kids in school??? Do those parents love their kids less if their kids become gays? Is gay that bad? But there are so many gay kids who wish they were straight but they arent....I love Skylar no matter what even if she becomes gay. So yes on prop 8 is just wrong to me. I mean all people are created equal rght?
What confuses me more is that most people who are against gay marrige is religius people.....but,,,,isnt divorce bad in any religion too? what about sex before marrige??? if those are ok and only gay marriage is not ok, then there is somthing wrong going on.........My gay friends from adoption classes said gay is new black in the US. Thats so sad. I really hope prop 8 will not be passing.
by thesnyders | 2008-11-03 16:39